Club Honours:

1989/90 Division Three winners

1989/90 Woollam Aggregate Trophy Winners

1989/90 Division C winners

1989/90 Whitehead Cup Finalists

1990/91 Division Two winners

1990/91 Division D winners

1990/91 Division B winners

1990/91 Woollam Aggregate Trophy Winners


1991/92 Division A winners
1991/92 Division E winners

1991/92 Division D runner-up

1991/92 Division F runner-up

1992/93 Division F runner-up

1992/93 Halliwell Shield Winners

1994/95 Division F winners

1994/95 Halliwell Shield winners


1995/96 Division A winners

1995/96 Division F winners

1995/96 Halliwell Shield runner-up

1996/97 Division Two winners

2004/05 Fair Play Award

2007/08 Division B Runner-Up

2010/11 Fair Play Award

2011/12 Division 1 Runner Up

2014/15 Wray Cup Runner Up




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